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  • 05March, 2018

    Want to start a Digital Marketing Agency? Follow these Digital Marketing Tips for Startups

    Digital Marketing is one of those popular expressions that everybody says you have to know if you want to run a successful business. But how do you know that you're doing it right?

    1. Understand your audience

    First of all you need to know who your target market is & also you need to work out on how you’re going to target them online. Target market profiling can help you to work out what that person looks like – and where they are active online.

    2. Work on Branding your Business

    You have to build the voice of your brand, the message you convey and how you convey it is very important. Be consistent in sending promotional messages & posts. As per research, it is fruitful to post about 5 and 10 images or links each week on Facebook; one per day for LinkedIn and Google+ and 5 tweets every day on Twitter.

    Digital-Marketing Agency
    3. Don’t Promote, Educate Your Customers

    If you think that sending daily promotional messages will keep gathering your audience, then you are wrong. The clients don't have time to read about how good a company is, they like something of value. Therefore, provide don't sell; provide something for free to your customers or visitors to make your offering much alluring.

    4. Interact with your visitors

    Digital marketing platform provides the visitors an option of satisfying their doubts & inquiries. Therefore, give your customers a chance to associate or engage with your website. This won't just add to your credibility, yet additionally demonstrate your customers benefit abilities. Use coupons, sweepstakes or giveaways to improve interaction.

    5. Make Real Fan Following

    Well, Social media is not about the number of followers or likes on your page but about their engagement. I regularly hear new businesses or startups saying they have 20,000 Facebook fans or 20,000 Instagram supporters or 20,000 LinkedIn contacts et cetera. At that point, I asked them what number of purchased their items and they addressed me 0. Is that great? I don't think so. Social media is the best way to raise the voice of your brand image, yet once you go for fake likes, these remaining parts unheard. If most of the followers are not genuine, it just implies that despite publishing the best of your posts, it will be seen barely by anybody. Eventually it will bring down the reach & engagement of your page.

    6.Content Is Still Considered As The King

    Overlooking the content is a blunder. Try to write seo oriented content. In the event that the content isn't clear and well drafted, you'll battle to succeed. Search for creative and weird content. Creative content does not need to be costly. You may discover new content by curating an existing trending content.

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